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Join Maadhyams to connect and guide students for their application processes, especially those who lack guidance counselors in their high school and have little access to information centers. Even your small suggestions will make a huge impact.

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In Maadhyams, you can personalize your own goals. Do you want to prepare for your standardized tests, network with people, get help with your application process? You decide!

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The more you ask, the more you learn. We provide you a forum to ask your questions and answer some of your peers’ queries.

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The website will keep track of your daily progress done with our test preparation materials, and you can design a study schedule of your own pace.

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Want to learn from other successful stories? Read what seniors have to say about their journey in our get inspired section.

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You can connect with your peers and help each other out to grow together. Or network with seniors and learn from them.

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Maadhyams is a platform to assist students applying to the United States for their higher education. Here at Maadhyams, you can access information and resources required for your application, learn directly from experienced students, connect, and be guided by pro-bono mentors. We are a community initiated by the students, for the students. Do not be afraid to chase your dream! We promise to walk along with you throughout your journey!

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